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Yeovil Literary Festival – A Writer’s Point of View.

In 2014 the first raw draft of Under the Pipal Tree was shortlisted in the Yeovil International Literary Competition. Buoyed by this validation, I banished self-doubt and set to work on the novel. A year of intense revisions and six drafts later it won the Cinnamon Press Debut Novel of the Year 2015 and a publishing contract. When I informed Liz Pike, Yeovil Literary festival’s charming organiser, about my success, she remembered my story and invited me to talk about my novel at the Past Winners’ Event. I felt privileged to talk about my writing journey from first draft to publication.
The events kicked off with a literary dinner where the guest speaker was the lovable Christopher Biggins known fondly as Biggins. Unsurprisingly, he regaled us with his adventures. He has chronicled his life in his memoir, My Story.

At the Past Winners' Event four writers were invited to read out extracts from their winning piece of work. The air was charged with creativity as each read out moving p…